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Parable of the month January: if one kills a human being, one kills the image of God

For the Dutch discussion of this parable, see here. In this midrash, the physical presentation of the Ten Words on the two tablets, is the focus of attention. They are ordered in such a way that the oppositely placed commandments…
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A Man Fleeing from a Unicorn Falls into a Well with a Dragon: Parables in the Legend of Barlaam and Josaphat

The first edition of the Sacrum Martyrologium Romanum published in 1584 lists 27 November as the feast day of Barlaam and Josaphat. The text contains the following note on these saints, “In India at the borders of Persia, the Saints…
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Parable of the Month September (Rosh haShana): Working Wonders

Text of the parable (for commentary see below): “Who is like You, O Lord, among the celestials/gods; Who is like You, majestic in holiness, Awesome in splendor, working wonders!” (Exod 15:11) “Working wonders” (Exod 15:11): The measure of flesh and…
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Over voetboeien, halsbanden en ketenen van goud en ijzer: negatieve antropologie in middeleeuwse slavenparabels

Op deze website worden heel wat rabbijnse parabels besproken en – soms voor het eerst – in het Nederlands gepresenteerd. Wat we er meestal niet bij schrijven is dat we ons op deze website beperken tot de vroegste rabbijnse parabels,…
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